Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Book Review: A Letter to Evan

From the back jacket:  Divorce changes everything. It is disorienting, painful and disruptive. One dad steps forward to illustrate how to rise above the destruction of divorce, become a better person, and yes, even a better father to his children. Roy Page exposes his heart in A Letter to Evan. What began as affirmation and instruction for his son has become a journey of healing, growth, and inspiration to men everywhere. Being a loving, effective parent when you are not a part of your child’s daily life is challenging whether you are a father who travels or is ivorced. Roy Page shares how he has maintained a presence in the lives of his children. As a man who enjoys hunting, fishing, sailing, and woodworking and possesses a deep desire to share these times of adventure with his son, Roy learns to navigate his extensive travel schedule along with Evan’s hectic baseball schedule to find a way to connect. Even if it means writing a letter.
ROY PAGE is CEO of Third Degree Advertising.
He jets between North Carolina and Oklahoma to keep his business and family going. Losing his father to Alzheimer’s disease and his wife of twenty years set Roy on a path to reset his priorities, discover the good in people, and dream of a better future. Laugh, cry, relate, grow, and heal with Roy in A Letter To Evan.
My review: 
Hat's off to Roy Page!  What a triumphant and brave author, father and inspiration to pen a letter to his son for ALL of us to share.  A Letter to Evan is a poignant and profound journey through a letter written to a son from his father after a heart-breaking divorce.  Through bitterness, resentment and loss grows a beautiful love between a father and son.  

A Letter to Evan is beautifully written, faith-filled and inspires us from the core of parenthood to reach inside and take a good look at our relationships with our own children.  After reading this book, as a mom (not a father!)with 4 children of my own, A Letter to Evan is eye opening journey for all of us.  If you're a child of divorce, this book is for you.  If you are a parent with a child(ren) after divorce, I encourage you to pick this book up!  It's invalauable.
A copy of this book was provided to me (to review and give my honest opinion) by The B&B Media Group.  The opinion expressed above is my own. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Book Review: Shadow Stalker

Book Review:  Shadow Stalker
Barbara Ann Derksen

From the book jacket:  An ominous shadow hangs over her, as Christine Finder, alias Melissa
Rompart, visits the brutal slayings of her parents most nights in a dream.
The threat of discovery propels her to search for the whereabouts of the killer
to see the man brought to justice.  In the meantime, the killer stalks her mind while
she operates Finder's Keepers, an agency that searches for the people her clients
hire her to find.  Nathan Brent is only four years old and missing.  Will she find
him in time or will the killer find her first?

My review:  This is my first book by author, Barbara Ann Derksen, it was a marvelous read - as intriguing and suspenseful as a good mystery should be!

Shadow Stalker is a twist and turn mystery with colorful characters and an adventurous plot.  Christine Finder, alias Melissa Rampart, was the lone survivor when her parents were killed when she was just a small child.  She was adopted into a family that raised her as if she was their own.  She starts an agency called The Finders as detective agency and the story plot follows her searching for a missing young boy.
With her wonderful canine companion, Chief, and the interesting relationship with Jeremy, this book owns the title of a page turner.

Ms. Derksen writes with an amazing sense of description!  To save she uses a vast vocabulary to vastly describe the scenes, emotions and feel for a character would simply be an understatment. She is truly a gifted artist and writes with a passion and clarity!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading Shadow StalkerI so look forward to future novels.  This is a first in a series of Finder's Keepers Mystery books and await the reading of the sequel and hopefully the return of Christine and Jeremy!

You can read about the author here!

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Reviewed by:  Kelly Santi

Friday, August 16, 2013

Book Review: Into the Whirlwind

Book Review: Into the Whirlwind
by:  Elizabeth Camden

From the book cover:  As owner of the 57th Illinois Watch Company, Mollie Knox's future looks bright until the night the legendary Great Chicago Fire destroys her beloved city. With her world crumbling around her, Mollie will do whatever it takes to rebuild in the aftermath of the devastating fire.

Zack Kazmarek, an influential attorney for one of Chicago's finest department stores, is a force to be reckoned with among the city's most powerful citizens. Bold and shrewd, he's accustomed to getting exactly what he wants--until he meets Mollie Knox, the beguiling businesswoman just beyond his reach.

In the tumult as the people of Chicago race to rebuild a bigger and better city, Mollie comes face-to-face with the full force of Zack's character and influence. Zack believes this may finally be his chance to win her, but can Mollie ever accept this man and his whirlwind effect on her life, especially with her treasured company on the line?

My review:  This is one of those rare books that has an intriguing title and story line bold enough to catch your eye.  But under the pages of this exceptionally written novel is a pure, adventurous and romantic tale of two lost souls finding each other in the midst of tragedy and betrayal.  What a rush this book was!

Told in a tone of rich characters and knowledgeable depiction of this era, Ms. Camden hit the mark.   The story between Zack, seemingly a rough, shrewd lawyer bent on getting what he wants, when and how he wants it, sets his eyes on the lovely Mollie, a watchmaker's daughter who is beautiful, loyal to her dedicated and dear employees, and represents all that is good.  Unknown to her, Zack has loved her from a distance, dreaming of this being the woman to be by his side.
In the midst of the tragedy of the Great Chicago Fire in 1871, they are thrown together in choas, dispair, and uncertainty - but one thing is certain, their feelings that ring true for each other.  Like most good romance novels, this one has it's up and downs - betrayals, misunderstandings, and wounded prides.  
However, this novel's underlying hope for these two wonderful characters to prevail against the odds brings such a warmth to the book.  

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to read such an beautifully written, gorgeously detailed book.  Into the Whirlwind swept me off my feet and kept me reading long after the sun went down just to get to the very end!  This is a book I'll be sure to read again - and again. 

5 well deserved stars!

*Disclaimer:  I received this book for an honest review from Bethany House, a division of the Baker Publishing Group and was not required to write a positive review.  Any reflection of such is my own.