Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tempted, Tested, True by Arnie Cole + Michael Ross

When Tempted, Tested, True by Arnie Cole and Michael Ross arrived for review, I was instantly intrigued by the notion that we all probably share a similair struggle with some form of temptation.
Normally, the idea of temptation is set with a larger score of notions, such as cheating, stealing, perhaps even an addiction.  What captivated me most of all is that temptation can be as innocent as a thought - yet plaque us in the biggest form of guilt.  This book?  It's a bountiful cover to cover absolute gem of a novel to take those moments of temptation from thoughts to actions to overcoming them with a common biblical basis.  God will help you prevail - you just have to let him give you that opportunity and that freedom.

Tempted, Tested, True is 10 chapters filled with projected and insightful paths tempations could lead you on, or perhaps you are/have experienced them yet might not know the resolutions. You will with this book!  Not only do they cover many common forms of temptations, each chapter is filled with insightful prayer, words of wisdom from Christ centered experience, engaging 'nudges' in the form of a workbook space for personal writings and reflections.  True to it's title, Mr. Cole and Mr. Ross give you those same topics in the form of the temptations, theories tested and the truth to set you free. 

Simply put:  This book is a MUST HAVE!  It's not a complicated read but intense enough to cover a multitude of thoughts and their consequences and their actions.  It's profound enough that we can come away with the understanding that we as humans will make mistake - we are fallible.  But God is still, and always will be, in control and as they beautifully state:  "Learning to become God-centered is the first crucial step: Put God back in His rightful position - smack in the center of our lives."

5 stars for Tempted, Tested, True.  This book's richness, essential charts and graphs, and the amazing appendix filled with worksheets is simply top notch. This novel brings to light a topic many might shy away from but truly should embrace the wisdom and insight given by Cole and Ross.  Given that we have a choice to wallow in fear of condemnation of guilt and shame, the best gift is to live in the glory that that freedom of letting it go that God will grant you!

*As per my review:  I received a copy of the book from Bethany House for the purpose of a book review.  I was not compensation other than receipt of book to review and any/all parts of this review are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.

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