Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book Review: The Art of the Follower

Have you ever had those great big, new year goals where you list all the things you plan to acheive, yet by March you realize you haven't even started?  Have you ever been in a situation where your plans are 'this big', yet your confidence, uncertainly keep you from accomplishing them?  Are your dreams as big as the sky yet cold feet keep you grasping that one passion you have?
This book, The Art of the Follower, by Dag Heward-Mills is a reminder of why you should.  Even more ... a reminder of why God calls us to follow - not just your personal dreams and goals, but Him.

The Art of the Follower is a christ-based, faith-filled chapter book filled with the instrument of learning biblical terms and stories in scripturally sound language.  It's not a quick, easy read.  Take your time with this book and have a high-lighter on hand as there are many points that are crucially wrapped into a story or discussion of a referenced biblical character.  It's complex, well-organized and methodical, reading like a college textbook.  The author writes with informative, definitive strokes.   As I read, I got the image of a professor lecturing at the podium on topic after topic - put the book down long enough, you might be hard-pressed to remember where you left off.  I think the book could have flowed a little better and been smoother in writing, rather than just press a bunch of facts and scriptures together in a 'textbook' form.  If you are looking for more of a learning manual or an instructually based book rather than a softer, more approachable book, then this was it definitely it.  I give this 4 out of 5 stars based on the knowledge and teaching materials this book beholds but would have much rather read a little more down to earth approach with this same material. 

 The Art of the Follower is a book filled with 3 sections: Why following is Eternally Significant: As Dag Heward-Mills states "Through the careful art of following, you will become wiser, more mature, more passionate and a more effective disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ."  It also includes a section of following God's champions with 11 insightful and refreshing views on biblical characters whose lives were effected greatly by following Christ's example, such as Abraham, David, Esther and more.  Lastly, following at home is a crucial depiction of how we not only learn following behavior outside (schools, job, peers, etc) but in our own homes - as infants and as parents with children of our own.  "God intentionally shaped your individuality to shape your relationship with the Father", says Dag-Heward-Mills and the Psalms 139.

You can read read about the author, Dag Heward-Mills, here:

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