Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Book Review: Tender Mercies by Vicki Watson

My review of Tender Mercies:
 What can I say other than Vicki Watson has done it again!
This is my 4th book I've read in this series by this author and once again, Tender Mercies will leave you enchanted with her touching words, sharing God's word through her charismatic writing style and message of hope wrapped up in the pages of these adorable little girls and horses in her stories.

The book opens with the heart-wrenching chapter told by Sparky, 
a brand new foal born on a Kentucky farm, telling the story
from his point of view.  He learns to stand, try to walk and watch how his mom nuzzles and feeds on the hay.  They are befriended by the little boy who lives on the farm who overhears
his father saying they will be getting rid of the mares,
sadly, to become nurse mares to expensive thoroughbred horses
and the foals are left to the farmers demise.
However, The book alternates between his story and that of the girls.  Like the previous book, Tender Mercies brings back repeat characters Rosie, Carrie and Grandma, whom are
doing their utmost to rescue as many horses as they can
and help out at the Last Chance Corral.  
The corral is run by volunteer Victoria who does her best
to rescue as many horses as she can from the farms.
Rosie and Carrie are a wonderful as characters I've seen
in a book!  They are full of God's love and quickly put 
themselves to work, filled with the promise that somehow 
He will lead them to do what's right and just.
They love their horses and it shows!

This book, like the others in the series, is a delight to read.
I'm an adult and I was smiling ear to ear, eager to finish this cover to cover!  My 9 year old son also finished it in record time.  We are huge fans.  You dont' have to read the previous
books in order to read this one, it does stand alone on it's own but the series over all is simply remarkable. I highly recommend them especially for the younger, elementary school children.
The biblical tones through-out this book make it a refreshing read. Their willingness to help, not just the horses but the little cat they named Sparrow, are constant reminders of the good in this world. The reference to Matthew 10:29 is a wonderful touch.  This book would also be a great addition to the homeschooling families.

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Reviewed by:  Kelly Santi

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