Friday, April 11, 2014

Book Review: So Much the Better

So much the Better by Megan Means is a quiet, quick read - just 80 little pages with one powerful message to share.  This book details the life of Ari, a lion cub, separated from his mother, his lands, the very pride he was born into when the Dark Winds sweep down upon them.  When he awakes, he's alone, scared, hungry and confused and far away from the rest of the pride.  He is quickly befriended by numerous animals in his quest to find his way  home - from a singing bird Shirarina, Eliezer the eagle, Gamzo the fox just to name a few.  This book is not just about the journey to find home, it's about the journey within and relationships that form who we are along the way.

While this book is not astounding, it's charming in it's own right.  The author is wonderfully descriptive in her writing style and offers the reader a unique writing style, weaving a tale of courage and hope in a colorful, descriptive manner.  Her characters in this book come to life.  She scatters through-out the novel words of encouragement like putting aside differences and coming together to live peacefully as one.  It does get repetitious at times, especially in the instances that Ari meets a new character.  However, there is a refreshing scripture in the book from Ecclesiastes that states "He who keeps gladness in his heart remains strong" and that's the theme I took away from this book.

I think this book is better suited for the middle, possibly high school age levels.  There is a good message to learn and take away from it in that we should all learn to work together towards peace for all.  I found it interesting that she was able to take situations that many teens could be going through in their daily life and wrap it into the characters of animals with the message still being strongly one of peace and harmony. 

Book review by:  Kelly Santi

You can read more about the author here:Author Bio: Megan Means  has a passion for children's literacy and wants every child to have a love for books and reading. Megan desires to inspire children to become their best selves and to be leaders who make a positive difference in the lives of those around them. Megan's fondest memories are of the years when she home-schooled her children and the many adventures they had along the way. Today, she continues to write and would like to create a sequel to her story "So Much The Better".  To learn more about Megan and her book, visit her website:
I received this book for free in exchange for a fair review as part of the CWA 
Review Crew.

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