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Book Review: Plain Faith


Book Overview:  This is the true story of Ora-Jay and Irene Eash, Amish farmers from northwest Montana whose lives changed in an instant when a semi-truck struck the family buggy, killing their two young daughters. After the accident, the couple turned to their Amish community for comfort, but they remained haunted by the thought that they might not see their girls again in heaven. Would their deeds be good enough? Eventually Ora-Jay and Irene learned that grace---not works---was enough to ensure their place in eternity. But with that knowledge came the realization that they could no longer live in an Amish community that didn’t share this precious belief. Could they sever their connection to the Amish family they loved? This is the story of their journey to the hope that is heaven, a hope stronger than the loss of children, family, and a way of life. Fans of Amish fiction will appreciate such a real-life look into the Amish community, co-written by bestselling author Tricia Goyer, and readers of all kinds will resonate with this tale of courage, resilience, and the redemption found in the grace of Jesus.

Book Review:  Plain Faith is an amazing look at the Amish lifestyle from the inside looking out.  Told by the parents, Irene and Ora Jay Eash, with Tricia Goyer, it's an upclose and personal account of their story, their journey and triumph after unimaginable loss.

Even if you think you are familiar with the Amish lifestyle, this book will change what you think you know.

This book isn't a complicated read but it draws you in immediately with their down to earth, 'plain' talk.  They are such good people, the Eashes.  What happened to them could have happened to just about anyone.

But the aftermath of their story after burying their two young daughters is the 'stop and think' of this extraordinary book.  Have you ever had that feeling in your faith that something is missing?  That you attend church every Sunday, you abide by the rules of what a Christian (etc) should do and not do in the secular world yet something feels not quite right?  That's one of the ah-hah moments of this book. 

One of the points that stood out for me is when Irene stated "People saw me different when I wore my Amish kapp, or head covering.  People would see that and think "If that's what you have to share with me, then I don't want to listen."
It's an amazing moment to realize that the one true faith you've had for your entire life doesn't support you unless you live and breath THAT life.  But beyond the Amish faith, God is everywhere and in everything.  Sometimes stepping outside that life, like the Eashes did, you see it so very clearly.

This book is brave, courageous, heart-wrenching, tear inducing, thought provoking and admirable, to name just a few of it's endearing qualities.

I'd recommend this book based on it's quick, short chapters and easy flow of the book to teens in a youth groups, high school and college small groups at churches.
About the Authors:  You can read more about the authors, Irene and Ora Jay Eash here at this website:
and Tricia Goyer, author, here:
I received this book for an honest review from BookLook/Harper-Collins and was not required to write a positive review.  Any reflection of such is my own and this review is an honest reflection of such.


 Book Review by:  Kelly Santi

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