Sunday, January 3, 2016

Book Review: The Whisper Theory

Book Jacket:

Meghan Shanahan is confident in her Christianity, if not a bit selfrighteous . When she moves in with Jeff and Carol, her two unbelieving college roommates, she begins to unravel.

Meghan thought she could save Jeff, but in the first three months of college, she's breaking more rules than she's keeping. Even worse, she finds herself falling in love with Jeff. When a young woman in their apartment building is murdered, everything starts changing. Through heartache and despair, tragedy and suspense, Meghan learns what friendship is all about, and more importantly, she discovers the voice she's going to follow.

Book Review: 
I read The Whisper Theory as a e-book as a blind copy, meaning I basically had no idea what the book was or about!  It was like unwrapping a present,
pulling back the shiny wrapping, peeking under the tissue paper, 
and finally seeing it's content.
I was intrigued, at first, to see that it was a half story, half bible study.
It's a rather quick read, and each of the 16 chapters seem a bit choppy.  
We are taken on a journey of three young people (Carol, Jeff and Meghan)
as they venture through the woes and challenges of general life, though some of the decision they make are entirely intentional - drinking under age, partying, premarital sex, and more.  There is a real lack of character developing and I kept reading onward, hoping that more of the christian foundation would pour through.  Humbly, this e-book felt like I was reading through a really long term paper - it lacks focus, depth and development.  
I did appreciate the questions at the end of the chapters though it's mostly a series of questions.  I think this book could have benefited greatly from the author expanding on each of the questions by focusing on God's word in depth
and pitting questions with biblical scripture basis.
  I'm not sure if it's centered towards teens and young adults or just a general discussion guide for the 'over 21 crowd.'
Be warned: This e-book has topics and frank discussions that are not meant for the young christian crowds and this is NOT a youth group guide.
YES, these are topics many teens are faced with and 
YES, these are discussions that many parents/group leaders may encounter,
it's just not a very concrete guide or enjoyable read, frankly speaking.
I did so want to enjoy this book and bible study - it just fell very, very flat.

                  I thank BookLook bloggers for the chance to review this book 
                        and my review is a positive opinion expressed by me on my own accord.

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