Sunday, January 3, 2016

Book Review: Willie Out West

My Review: 

Absolutely charming book!
 This is a delightful little children's book,
creative, funny, and thought provoking.
The character drawings and artwork through-out give a greater sense of wholesomeness to this book,
from the octopus with his western hat and 8 spurs (one for each tentacle!) to the one-eyed whale named Old Walter.
Young Willie desperately wants to be important,
and he so very much wants to be needed.
As he sits in front of the tv, waiting for mom to finish dinner,
he couldn't imagine being whisked away to an underwater "Old West" 
where he'd be asked to save the day!

"We need someone with lots of courage and strength to save our town"
(book quote)
Willie is excited to be needed!
He comes up with a plan ("Like I learned in school!")
to scare the mean whale away and allow the town to be united again,
peaceful and in harmony.

 Whether intentional or not, I liked the way the author weaved into this tale the threat of a bully, using sheer size and brute strength to intimidate the other towns folk (which, by the way, are all under the sea, ocean characters - adorable as all get up!)
There is a fun 'western twang' and cute jargon that's spoken by the animals which kids will find entertaining.
A great message wrapped up in a short, lovely little read!

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